Source code for inphosite.lib.auth

from webob import Request

import zope.interface
from repoze.who.classifiers import default_request_classifier
from repoze.who.interfaces import IRequestClassifier
from pylons.controllers.util import abort
from pylons import request
import helpers as h

from hashlib import md5
import urllib2

[docs]def encrypt(password, secret=''): ''' Encryption function for use on passwords ''' result = md5(password) result.update(secret) return result.hexdigest()
[docs]def is_logged_in(): return request.environ.get('repoze.who.identity') is not None
[docs]def is_admin(): identity = request.environ.get('repoze.who.identity') if identity is not None: return 'admin' in identity['user'].roles else: return False
[docs]def authorize(permission): """ This is a decorator which can be used to decorate a Pylons controller action. It takes the permission to check as the only argument and can be used with all types of permission objects. """ if permission: return func else: abort(401)
[docs]def uid(request): if not is_logged_in(): return None return request.environ.get('repoze.who.identity')['user'].username
[docs]def username(request): if not is_logged_in(): return None return request.environ.get('repoze.who.identity')['user'].username
[docs]def user_exists(username): return h.get_user(username) is not None
[docs]class UserModelPlugin(object):
[docs] def authenticate(self, environ, identity): """Return username or None. """ try: username = identity['login'] password = identity['password'] except KeyError: return None user = h.get_user(username) if user and encrypt(password) == user.password: return username else: return None
[docs] def add_metadata(self, environ, identity): username = identity.get('repoze.who.userid') user = h.get_user(username) if user is not None: identity['user'] = user
[docs]def custom_request_classifier(environ): """ Returns one of the classifiers 'app', 'browser' or any standard classifiers returned by repoze.who.classifiers:default_request_classifier """ classifier = default_request_classifier(environ) if classifier == 'browser': # Decide if the client is a (user-driven) browser or an application request = Request(environ) if not request.accept.best_match(['application/xhtml+xml', 'text/html']): # In our view, any client who doesn't support HTML/XHTML is an "app", # not a (user-driven) "browser". classifier = 'app' return classifier
zope.interface.directlyProvides(custom_request_classifier, IRequestClassifier)

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