Source code for inphosite.lib.app_globals

"""The application's Globals object

import atexit
from turbomail import interface
from turbomail.adapters import tm_pylons
from beaker.cache import CacheManager
from beaker.util import parse_cache_config_options

[docs]class Globals(object): """Globals acts as a container for objects available throughout the life of the application """ def __init__(self, config): """One instance of Globals is created during application initialization and is available during requests via the 'app_globals' variable """ self.cache = CacheManager(**parse_cache_config_options(config)) tm_pylons.config = config tm_pylons.start_extension() #atexit.register(tm_pylons.shutdown_extension) #interface.start(tm_pylons.FakeConfigObj(config))

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